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  • Overseas Investment is a great opportunity for any Investor or employer who wants to expand their business globally with the expectation of high growth rate. They have a option to go globally by having Investor Visa.
  • Different Countries have different schemes to attract foreign Investors to invest in their countries for development and economic growth of country and also generate various employment opportunities in their country.

Visa Classifications


  • EB-5 Investor Visa is the fastest way to obtain a US permanent residency and citizenship is through the EB5. The EB-5 Program allows a foreign national to obtain permanent residency in the U.S., by investing $ 500,000 in a project in Targeted Employment Area or a rural area. There is no age limit, educational, work experience or language requirement nor sponsorship needed to apply. The green card is granted for self, spouse and children below 21. It gives them the leverage to live and work in the US not as a temporary migrant, but as a permanent resident 

    • Dubai offers investor visas for expats either through real estate investment or through the incorporation of an UAE company. For the real estate residence visa, the investor has to buy a property valued at AED 1 million or more and also has to prove that his income is AED 10,000 per month. Investor can partner or invest or set up a Free Trade Zone company in the UAE. The residence visa will be granted for 3 years.

    USA EB-5 Investor Visa

    Dubai Investor Visa
    Investment Details

    $500,000 in TEA

    or $1 million

    Property value must be at least AED 1 million. Property must be complete, and title deed in visa applicant's name has to be obtained

    Maintenance and Funds


    N.A N.A
    Type of visa issued Green Card UAE Residence visa
    Visa Validity 5 years 3 years
    Process time 9-12 months N.A

    Language Skills


    No No

    Start-Up / Entrepreneur Visas

    • It is a temporary immigrant visa, or we can say- a conditional permanent resident visa which allows an entrepreneur to start or continue his business in a foreign country. This visa can later be converted to a permanent residency (green card) after a specific time-period if certain conditions are met. The requirements, fees and processing times vary, depending on the country you are applying for.

      Some of the countries which have recently implemented specific visas for entrepreneurs and start-up founders include:
    • CANADA